Welcome to Price Digital. How do you feel about the current design and layout of your website and marketing collateral? Do you feel like your branding is doing a good job of communicating everything you offer? Does your brand exude the professionalism and confidence necessary to convert prospects into clients? Do you feel like your website visitors are able to easily find the information they are looking for or that you want them to see? How important is it for you to improve your overall marketing and website conversion rates? How much of a priority is it for you to increase the level of website traffic and visitors that you are getting? How well are you doing from an SEO perspective? Are you obtaining any organic search traffic? How interested are you in exploring small changes you can make to your branding and website that could increase exposure and traffic? How important is it for you to find ways to increase the amount of leads that your website is producing? How motivated are you to find new ways to get more revenue out of your website traffic?

At Price Digital, we ask the questions, listen to your answers and then implement the correct and necessary actions that will help you to obtain the absolute optimum from your brand marketing activity, across all media platforms.



Since starting as a small business 26 years ago, design for print has been our core, everyday function. We have designed and printed countless magazines, corporate brochures, booklets and other literature - up to 1,000,000 off.



 In the late 90's and early 00's , as technology steadily advanced, clients' asked us to design and produce exhibition stands, through the use of our incredible and versatile large format print facilities. From concept to completion...



 Over that last 15 years there has been a revolution in the online offering, from web marketing to smartphone e-commerce. Price Digital has been at the forefront, with production undertaken at every level. Not just aesthetics but also functionality.

Promoting a Photography Exhibition & Festival


One of our latest projects includes the promotion of a brand new photography exhibition that rolls out in November 2018 - Photo North Festival. The project includes implementing the full marketing and PR mix, including branding, website and app development, whilst accommodating the sales team with all that they require to enable them to sell exhibition space. Production on a project of this nature requires ongoing input. www.photonorthfestival.co.uk


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B2B & B2C Facilities Mananagement & Student Residences


Homes for Students currently facilitate the requirements of students and their lodgings throughout the whole of the UK. Price Digital assist with visual presentations to Universities and also produce the literature in its many guises, to inform students on what the accommodations have to offer to them. Therefore, we undertake a full 360 service, from large tender bid documents, to lifestyle brochures, which requires strategic branding and image selection at every step. Over the last three years, Homes for Students has built its portfolio up to over 14,000 student accommodation units and continues to grow. www.wearehomesforstudents.com


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Training Manuals & Event Display for the VW Golf Salesforce


Working with existing imagery, we create corporate literature and graphic displays, to assist the UK nationwide sales team with an extensive overview of the technical specifications, new features and benefits and vehicle comparisons, just before a new model is about to come on to the market. This arms the whole team with all the information and new knowledge that they need, in order to help them to effectively sell the full range of vehicles.


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A historical spa town building gets more than a new coat of paint


A run down, three storey Victorian premises, in the centre of Harrogate, was beautifully refurbished, into brand new, short-stay themed apartments - in Parisien, Indian and New York stylings. Price Digital was commissioned with the branding, photography, brochure and booking website creation on this project. www.royalparade.co.uk

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And Now for Something Completely Different...


Occasionally a request comes in that stretches the normal bounds of creativity and we always relish the challenge! Parkdean Holidays ran a creative writing competition for the younger members of their customer base and the winner had their story converted into a limited edition storybook, telling the tale of the adventures of Sid and Lizzie and the 'dodeclice' named Dave, that they met on their travels! With help from our digital illustration experience, words were transformed into an other worldly landscape and the story books were displayed and read by kids at Parkdeans' holiday homes, throughout the UK. This served as inspiration to many children and was a successful and good PR exercise for Parkdean Holidays!


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